Clean wind energy + an economic boost

As New South Wales’ largest wind farm, Sapphire Wind Farm provides clean wind energy: a much-needed alternative to fossil fuel. The project powers 115,000 homes and displaces 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, while bringing economic benefits to the local NSW New England region and the ACT. The 270MW wind farm comprises 75 turbines and has been operating since November 2018. The turbines are 200m to blade tip and occupy freehold land within and adjacent to agricultural areas. The site is in Inverell Shire Council and Glen Innes Severn Council Areas.

Helping to meet renewable energy targets

It’s time to replace fossil fuel with a cleaner alternative, and that means setting renewable energy targets. At Sapphire Wind Farm, 100MW of our capacity is already contracted to the ACT Government for 20 years. This was secured under a power purchase agreement designed to meet the ACT Government’s target of 100% renewable energy by 2020. The remaining 170MW will be contracted in the future, subject to prices, or sold into the spot market.

‘The clean power generated by Sapphire Wind Farm will significantly contribute to the ACT’s progress towards our target of 100% renewable electricity by 2020.’

Shane Rattenbury – ACT Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability

Where is Sapphire Wind Farm?

Sapphire Wind Farm is located in the New England region of northern NSW. The site is 28km east of Inverell and 18km west of Glen Innes to the north of the Gwydir Highway in the Kings Plains area. It has two neighbouring wind farms, White Rock and Glen Innes, which are located to the south of the highway.

Quick facts

Wind: a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels

A single Vestas wind turbine generates around 25 to 40 times more energy than it uses in its entire lifecycle and only emits around 1% of carbon emissions compared to a coal power plant. The Sapphire Wind Farm will include:

Staying connected to our community

Community is at the heart of everything we do. We work hand-in-hand with our communities to create a series of longer-term, legacy projects that will give back. Our community program includes:

Community Consultative Committee

Provides a forum for open discussion and information sharing, with membership from a broad range of stakeholders.

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Community Legacy projects

Small projects in the community that make a lasting difference.

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Community Investment Testing

We’ll be researching whether there is community interest in directly investing in the Sapphire Wind Farm.

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A Community Benefit Fund

Once energy is being generated, $3.75+ million will be invested in community projects over 20 years.

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