Construction Update

The Project is Now Complete

Construction has now finished at the Sapphire Wind Farm and we are fully operational.  We have implemented out Bird and Bat Monitoring Plan along with our Noise Complinace Plan.















Onsite Progress Report:

  • Substation transformer 1A has been delivered
  • Substation transformer 1B has been delivered
  • Substation control room has been delivered
  • Substation switchroom has been delivered
  • New 330kV Over head line works completed
  • 47km out of 47km of new internal roads constructed
  • 75 out of 75 wind turbine foundations completed
  • 75 out of 75 wind turbine foundations backfilled
  • 245km out of 245km of new underground cabling installed
  • 75 bases and tower sections have been installed
  • 75 of 75 Tower erections completed