Sharing the benefits with our community

At Sapphire Wind Farm, we keep our community close. That means listening, communicating, and contributing to the local and wider community. We’re proud to be part of the renewable revolution, but we’re even more determined to make a genuine contribution to the community we’re part of. Here’s how:

Community Consultative Committee

Provides a forum for open discussion and information sharing, with membership from a broad range of stakeholders.

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Community Legacy projects

Small projects in the community that make a lasting difference.

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Community Investment Testing

We’ll be researching whether there is community interest in directly investing in the Sapphire Wind Farm.

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A Community Benefit Fund

Once energy is being generated, $3.75+ million will be invested in community projects over 20 years.

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‘The interest in renewable energy in Inverell is quite remarkable. Sapphire Wind Farm has placed the town on a step to the future, an outstanding example of progress in the New England Region.’

Kevin Dunn – President, National Transport Museum