Community Investment

Pioneering an Australian First

It’s the way of the future: the opportunity to invest directly into local community infrastructure assets. CWP is proud to be pioneering Australia’s first community co-investment into a large scale wind farm. Community co-investment is where members of the community are invited to invest in a renewable energy project that’s developed, financed and managed by a third party

Community Co-Investment Initiative

Discovery Phase

During the Discovery Phase, to ascertain the community interest, the Sapphire Wind Farm hosted a series of Discovery Sessions across the New England North West. Sessions were held in Inverell, Glen Innes, Wellingrove, Moree, Tamworth and Armidale. A survey was also undertaken in order to gauge the interest in investing directly into a large-scale commercial wind farm. The survey opened on 3 September and closed on 31 October 2017.

The key outcomes of the survey were:
• 337 respondents – 80% local residents
• $5,357,500 pledged
• Very positive community sentiment
• Significant regional and national media coverage

For detailed findings, please read the Community Investment Testing Report by Akin Consulting.



Next Steps

Due to the overwhelming interest in the opportunity for local community members to invest money into the wind farm and participate in the financial benefits from the sale of renewable electricity, the community investment will go ahead.

To continue to gather community interest we have reopened the survey. Please fill out the survey to register your interest and help us best plan for the share offer which we will aim to open in late 2018. All participants in this survey will be subscribed to regular updates about the community investment process. If you have any questions please firstly read the detailed FAQs below.

Fill in the survey here
For more information download a copy of our FAQs

“Great initiative and model for the future”

“Should be done for all wind farm projects in Australia, very positive for all Australians”

“We believe that this project could be an inspiration to other communities”


Community Investment Testing participants 2017