Construction Update

Project Update at 16th April, 2018











Onsite Progress Report:

  • Mobilisation and commissioning of on-site concrete batching plants
  • Gywdir Highway intersection upgrading works
  • Waterloo Road upgrading and new causeway works
  • Wind turbine components continue to arrive at Sapphire Wind Farm
  • Substation transformer 1A has been delivered
  • Substation transformer 1B has been delivered
  • Substation control room has been delivered
  • Substation switchroom has been delivered
  • New 330kV Over head line works. Stringing completed. Clamping has commenced.
  • 47km out of 47km of new internal roads constructed
  • 75 out of 75 wind turbine foundations completed
  • 75 out of 75 wind turbine foundations backfilled
  • 245km out of 245km of new underground cabling installed
  • 59 bases and tower sections have been installed
  • 27 of 75 Tower erections completed