Community Legacy Projects

Leaving a lasting legacy 

It’s about the legacy you leave. We are providing a clean energy alternative that will benefit generations to come. But that’s not enough. We want to contribute to the local communities that have made our wind farm possible: leaving a material legacy that makes a difference to everyday life for years to come.

We are working hand-in-hand to develop and deliver a series of longer-term, legacy projects that will span the life of Sapphire Wind Farm. Along with our contractors, we’re planning to co-fund and co-deliver a series of community projects in areas like construction and education.

Construction in the Community


With construction of the Sapphire Wind Farm now well underway, CWP and its major contractors Vestas, Zenviron and Transgrid are looking at undertaking construction of a different kind !

Construction in the Community  is the first of a series of legacy projects aimed at delivering long-lasting benefits to the communities surrounding Sapphire Wind Farm. The initiative aims to take care of some of those projects that can be completed in the space of a half day or day but require manpower, specialist skills and machinery to get the job done. With the involvement of our whole team we hope to make ‘light-work’ of community projects that may be onerous for others to complete.

Community groups, catchment and wildlife groups; school P&C associations and non-profit organisations from the Inverell and Glen Innes Severn Shires have submitted applications which we are currently assessing.  We will announce the successful Construction in the Community projects in September.

What kind of projects are eligible?

We’re looking for construction or infrastructure projects that can be completed within a ½ day or day by the end of May 2018; projects that provide positive, tangible, long-term benefits to the local community.

These may include (but are not limited to): ▪  Improvements and upgrades to existing infrastructure ▪  Minor earthworks or excavation ▪  Environmental projects: rehabilitation, rejuvenation of community spaces, tree planting ▪  Working bee projects such as painting or clearing.

Support will not be provided to projects which: ▪  Benefit individuals only ▪  Are the responsibility and obligation of Local or State Governments ▪  Require ongoing support from Sapphire Wind Farm after the project’s completion.